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I'm Assunta

Owner of B.Renewed LLC and the Creator of the Renewed InstaBun. I am a Mother of  three amazing kids and a woman of Radical faith! My style is like a chameleon and my personality is poised. With over 80K YouTube Subscribers and Millions of views on several different social media platforms my influence has inspired women all over the world! I love to push women into purpose and launch them into destiny. I hope to leave you encouraged to live out your God given purpose by pursuing your dreams relentlessly!

Hey Beauty

My Promise To You

To assist you on your journey of whole body renewal. I plan to create a healthy and detailed oriented client/stylist relationship. I will always be present and attentive to your needs and handle your concerns with empathy. My goal is to offer follicle rejuvenation and hope restoration with One on One quality care and concern. Our mission is to renew your perspective on hair growth and mental health with constant encouragement and product knowledge. B.Renewed will get to the root of the cause instead of treating the symptoms! Heal your scalp, restore the damage and recover the loss! We promise to honor women all over the world by exemplifying unity among Female Minority Entrepreneurs. We will continue to bridge the gap between hair and health and pass the baton in the process!

Meet The BRenewed



Aisha Parker

Nicole Nabors

Founder of Grace & Peace Counseling

Cosmetologist Enchanted Bleu


Natural Hair Styling, Healthy Hair coloring, Crochet Hair Styling 



Behavioral Health Counseling


Marissa carter

Cosmetologist  Honeycomb Beauty

Natural Hair Styling, Individual Twists & Locs, Crochet Styling, Healthy Hair Treatments, Tapered Cuts, Natural Updo's


deondra dukes

Cosmetologist Purpose Hands Beauty

Natural Hair Styling, Silk Press, Locs, Sister Locs, Loc Extensions, Healthy Hair Treatments, Crochet Styling

Be renewed

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