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The Braided Bun alternative for Women who suffer from hair loss. Be the first to know about new products!

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The vision of B.Renewed is one that bridges the gap between hair and mental health. My goal is to create a healthy holistic approach to Hair Restoration that results in the total transformation of the mind, body, and spirit. So many women suffer in silence with a bruised self-esteem and no resolve.

The Solution

In order to properly resolve the issues of hair loss, we must deal with the root of the issue and treat the whole body as one faculty. Scalp health and mental health are equally important. Physical maintenance both internally and externally are also key components to healthy hair. I treat each case individually with care and concern. Offering the best natural solutions possible in addition to a protective style that suites the client's severity of hair loss and lifestyle. The Renewed InstaBun® was created to allow women to wear their hair in a braided style without the actual tension of braids. The bun is lightweight, secure, and easy to maintain. Add your favorite Scarf or headband to express your personal style!